2018 Range Rover Velar The Hallowed Sanctuary

Range Rover models are renowned for their peculiarity and rebellious confidence. The structure and poise of every production exudes elegance. The long anticipated 2018 edition is nothing short of perfection as its flamboyance and futuristic enhancements are set to blow minds.
The velar is the first edition and as you can guess, is also limited edition. It comes with the finest designs and has three color options; the flux silver, silicon silver and grey. Its reputation is nothing short of a hallowed sanctuary, built with two high-definition touch screens, sliding armrests, and mood lighting configuration, all designed to give that calmness and tranquility, an alternative to a refreshing lounge.
There are certain things that you DO NOT experience when you are in the Velar a few of them are boredom, loss of bearing, and an accidental bump. This is due to the high-tech optional interactive driver system which offers assistance in sourcing for geographical data, phone call and media management plus driving aids. This system is purely intuitive and automated to ensure comfort and satisfaction of its driver.
The velar features a light weight aluminum structure, V6 with four cylinder engines but I bet, what everyone would like to know is “what’s it like on the road?”
The range rover velar is dynamic, rugged and extremely sensitive. Great to handle and has an incredible speed ability with tires and suspensions that can evade the most uneven terrain. Its off road capabilities is simply legendary. Road surfaces are irrelevant when it comes to this veteran, it’s got the grit and the capacity to outwit any weather condition. The 2018 Velar has a 4WD system which gives it a speedy response to foot pedal.
The velar also features the latest electronic traction control which is a safety feature. The ETC functions by distributing an automatic brake force to the axles to decrease stopping distance. This technology ensures quicker braking which reduces the possibility of collision.
The revolutionary driver’s assistance system which has brought a new standard in the automobile market is featured in this model. The integrated automation system which acts as a second driver when the pilot is a little overwhelmed. This technology is vast and has an appreciable number of applications ranging from control of driving situations, night driving management, traffic and highway management, collision alert and automated response. This inbuilt technology featured in Velar clearly asserts dominance over its peers.

Rapid response is certain with an 8-speed automatic transmission and a ground clearance of 9.9 inches. With an automatic height access system which lowers the vehicle height by at least 1.9 inches you have the option of reducing the suspension to optimize the ease of boarding the vehicle.
When it comes to comfort and safety, high quality seats are available with climate control options to optimize temperature. Seat belts, latches and airbags are also available to provide extra protection when necessary.
The Range Rover Velar is as impressive as it is structurally magnificent. 2018 is definitely a good year for the Range Rover.

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