Every masterpiece begins with planning, sketching and unique ideas. The Forgestar brand is no different. A lot of pre-planning goes into each design beginning with drawings and addition of unique characteristics to compliment former versions. A lot of calculation goes into the architecting to create balance between thickness, weight, dynamics and resistance against inertia.

Once sketches and initial measurements are taken and an image has been created, the second stage is the construction using graphic development software like the CAD software. These are used to create designs and computer simulations. Further modifications are used to craft realistic renderings of the final product. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing is performed on models to assess simulated weight endurance and enhance strength, stiffness, and fatigue while monitoring rotation impediments.


After the graphic rendering has proven to be satisfactory, the model is manufactured in the laboratory where a finished prototype would undergo series of analysis and examinations. In some cases the design might need a bit of an upgrade and in other cases the prototype may be discarded if proven to be below expectation and this may continue until the perfect prototype is achieved; that is after successfully surpassing all structural tests.


Picking a suitable finish for the new design is critical as it has to appeal to customers taste and individual approval. The Forgestar always one step ahead with uniqueness uses the brands custom powder coats for each wheel set. This is applied by electrostatic treatment and cured through the application of heat to ensure a tougher finish which supersedes the conventional choice of paint.

The Forgestar is meticulous with these manufacturing processes from sketch to final product. If you are looking for a retailer with the best prices around on all forgestar wheels for sale, check out Revwerks wheels. Proper care is taken in the production of classic and delectable designs in order to achieve customer satisfaction with this company.

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