The very epitome of super cars is known as Lamborghini. An automobile brand that is evident to the fact that style and power can coexist in the most impeccable way. Lamborghini is considered as every man’s essential goals! You would be curious to know how this great brand began, it has quite a fascinating story behind its beginning.

Ferruccio Lamborghini, the man who created the legacy of Lamborghini was born on the April 28th ,1916. He participated in the Second World War, after the ending of which the company Lamborghini was established. However, they did not begin by manufacturing super sleek cars as they manufacture today. In fact the company produced tractors for farms and was very prosperous in business. The success of Lamborghini enabled Ferruccio to step in to many other fields of business. Lamborghini was soon manufacturing air-conditioners and heating systems. Ferruccio became extremely wealthy and was buying the finer things in life with his immense wealth. Of the many purchases he made, the one purchase which was to play a vital role in the future of Lamborghini as super car manufacturers was the purchase of a Ferrari. Ferrari was recognized as one of the top cars of its time-however- Ferruccio faced some technical difficulties with the car. So, he figured he should have a word with Enzo Ferrari about the ideas he has regarding the improvement of Ferrari. Alas! Enzo Ferrari was reluctant to listen to his ideas and told Ferruccio that he is better off at manufacturing and should not act smart on the sports car industry.

This had greatly embarrassed Ferruccio, in fact he used this shame and rage to establish Lamborghini as a sports car manufacturer. Automobili Lamborghini was officially established in 1963 in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, and the same year manufactured its first car, the Lamborghini 350 GTV, a two-seater coupe with a V12 engine. The symbol –a bull- is related to the star sign of Ferruccio.

Nevertheless, this was the beginning of a car company that changed the way people think about sports car. It is truly one of the most inspiring starting one could hope for. Ferruccio wanted to compete with Ferrari with his cars and boy did he succeed. The rivalry of these two car giants still exist silently in the shadows. Without a doubt they are both equally great. Lamborghini changed ownership many times until being finally bough by Volkswagen- Ferruccio passed away in February 20th, 1993 at the age of 76. The legacy he left behind is legacy of greatness; the sheer power of Lamborghini with its futuristic sleek design truly makes it a brand that is loved by everyone.

This was how this great brand began. Today it is operated prosperously by Volkswagen and has a production output of 3,245 vehicles (2015), revenue increase €586 million (2014), profit increase   €10.1 million (2014), Total equity Increase €1.832 billion (2014), number of employees 1,146 (2015). So what  is the moral of this: never underestimate anyone!!

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